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Guartinel for developers

Monitor your whole stack including hardware infrastructure and your custom application health. You can even integrate your existing system administration scripts into our system.

Application Supervisor Package

-disc free space

-ping multiple targets

-check service/daemon running state

-processor usage

-memory usage

-folder last file timestamp

-send custom checks from your already existing scripts

Guartinel for hotels

Monitor your facility informatics system and engineering system at once!

Hardware Supervisor Package


-voltage in circuit

-working signals

-current flowing in circuit

Host Supervisor Package

-check IP cameras 

-set retry counts

-check network printers or hosts

Guartinel for small business

Make sure your customers can find you and never miss a possible new business!

Email Supervisor Package

- check your IMAP server

-check your SMTP server


Website Supervisor Package

-check your website 

-check certificate validity for https 

-check if page contains a word

-set retry count

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