You can focus on your goals – Guartinel's got your back!

Minimize your reaction time when disaster strikes. 

Create packages and automatize checking, triggers and alerts.

What is it?

In short it's a  remote monitoring system that alerts you when a human intervetion is needed.

What can I monitor?

Your system health status including hardware and software properties.(Eg.:Availability,RAM,CPU,HDD)

And how can I monitor it?

All you need to do is installing our Agent software on your system and creating a Package for it on our website. Inside this package you can define how our system should alert you if the data coming from the Agent exceed the intended level. If you would like to get instant notifications install our Guartinel app on your phone.

What are the alert methods?

You can get notifications delivered to your Android Phone immediately or get an email or an SMS.

Easy solution for everyone

Out of the box 

Our product is an easy to use solution that can be used without any system expert.


Our pricing plans has an offer for any need.


All parts of our system is using SSL to encrypt its communication.

Easy to use, easy to manage.

You can master Guartinel in a couple of minutes!


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